Make A Powerful First Impression Then Leave With A Lasting One

Intros, Outros And Jingles

Podcasting is, of course, all about the content you create. Your podcast’s subject matter is the reason your listeners have chosen you. Adding intros, outros and jingles along the way simply wrap your hard work up in a neat little package. 

These extra elements add a professional feel to your podcast and show listeners that you’ve put the extra effort into creating your show.

The purpose of an intro, be it spoken word or musical or sometimes both, is to set the scene for new and returning listeners. A great intro and outro will support and enhance your podcast and boost it to its full potential. 

A mysterious sounding introduction will tell them straight away that they’re in for a mysterious ride. Funny intros set the scene for a comedy podcast and something with a more serious tone gets listeners ready for an educational or informative experience. 

Listeners want to be hooked within the first few minutes of starting a new podcast. If your introduction is dry, or non existent, potential fans will leave feeling confused or uninterested. 

At Twice Podcast, we want to bring the very best out in your podcast. We create intros, outros and jingles that are tailored to your unique podcast show. Our creations are bespoke and crafted to your exact needs, whether you’re looking for catchy music or a great spoken introduction, we’ve got it covered. 

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The Power Of The Spoken Word

Spoken Word Intros And Outros

Sometimes, writing these introductions and outro messages can feel overwhelming. The pressure to create something that hits the exact spot you need it to is a lot to take on, especially when there’s so much else to be done. Take this stress off your shoulders by allowing our highly skilled writers to prepare the script for you.   

Our team of talented technicians can create additional audio clips for your podcast show that fit your needs exactly. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every intro and outro message we create fits perfectly with their podcast’s tone and niche. 

We know what goes into writing a perfect introduction that will catch your listeners attention right away, give them all the information they need and keep them interested enough to stay. These messages will be short and sweet and delivered in an engaging and punchy way. 

The Power Of The Spoken Word

Spoken Word Intros And Outros

A great introduction will include:

An explanation of this episode. You could also consider including a short line that reveals what will be coming up in each episode to keep their attention.

Your own name. It’s important to put a name to the voice as soon as possible. Naming yourself is especially essential if your podcast has multiple hosts that will need distinguishing between. 

The title of your podcast. It might seem obvious, but the more you say it, the better recognition your show will have. 

An explanation of what you’re offering. Listeners want to know what they’re going to gain from you. A quick line to explain what you’re going to give them, be it comedy, information or advice is enough.

A great tagline also goes a long way when included in the introduction. Our writers can help to come up with a memorable line, or we can incorporate one you already have. 

Outros have different requirements to an introduction but are just as important. You don’t want to just end your podcast when you’re done talking. Your listeners want a sign off message to help them step back out of the podcast zone your content has created. 

A great outro will include:

A thank you to your listeners. They want to know that you value their support. A simple “that’s all folks, thanks for tuning in” will usually suffice.

Information on where to get in touch. This could be your website, email address or social media profiles. Your listeners are going to want to know where to go to leave comments about your show. 

Information on where to go for more. Sometimes, listeners are so curious about the subject matter of your podcast that they want to learn more. This is a perfect opportunity to direct them to your website and your show notes, where they’ll find links and resources. 

A call to action. This is a great opportunity to let your listeners know what you want from them now. It could be an ask to subscribe or to review your podcast, or follow you on social media. We make sure to keep these precise and clear to avoid coming across as a nagging Mother. 

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podcast promotion services
The Power Of The Spoken Word

Voice Talent

At Twice Podcast, we can record the introductions and outros for you. We work with a wide range of talented voice actors who can follow our script and create the ultimate audio clips for your podcast. Each of our voice actors have their own unique styles, accents and tones that allow you to choose the voice that best suits your podcast. 

Using a voice actor can make your podcast appear more professional, and sets the scene for your podcast well if a specific accent or tone would suit your content. We can also help you, as the host of your show, become the voice talent. This can appear more approachable and friendly.

Whatever your needs, we can ensure that our team will create and produce a high quality introduction and outro message for your show. 

The Power Of The Spoken Word

Musical Intros, Outros and Jingles

Our talented team can also provide your podcast with musical elements. This could be theme music to go alongside your spoken introduction and outros, or short jingles to help to break up segments within your show. 

These musical elements will be tailored to your unique podcast, ensuring that they match the tone and image of your show. While you could use royalty free music found anywhere online, this won’t add to the personal branding of your podcast. You could put all that hard work and effort into creating the podcast of your dreams, only to find that someone elses theme music sounds exactly like yours. 

With Twice Podcast, all of your musical components will be unique to you and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Just like TV show theme tunes, your podcast’s theme tune will offer immediate recognition for you. It will be something your listeners automatically register as yours. 

Jingles are also a great addition to any podcast show. If your content includes various topics, or switches between main ideas, then you might want to consider adding a jingle to help listeners distinguish between one theme and another. These add flow to your content and get your listeners excited for what they know is coming next. 

Every piece of content we create for you, be it a script for your introduction, a musical jingle or a recorded outro using one of our voice actors, will be of the highest standard. 

All of our audio will be professionally recorded using top of the line equipment and mixed, mastered and edited to be the very best quality. All of our creations will arrive ready to use with a great turnaround time, and with our audio editing service, we can even add them to your main podcast audio for you. 

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