Audio Quality Can Make Or Break A Podcast

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Even a podcast with the most universally loved host, guests and content will lose listeners over poor quality audio. No one enjoys listening to audio that isn’t clear, varies in volume or is full of irritating background noises. The podcast industry is growing exponentially and as much as we’re happy to see it, this does mean the competition is strong. A badly recorded or edited podcast will simply be bested by another competing show. 

At Twice Podcast we take pride in our professional quality podcast audio editing. We are industry leading experts in our field and we can ensure that our audio editing services will bring the very best out in your podcast. 

We know that creating a podcast is stressful enough without worrying about the editing aftermath. 

You put all of your energy into creating interesting and enjoyable content for your listeners, carefully prepare each episode then sit down and record it. Editing after all of your hard work can be overwhelming. Deciding on the best tools to use, mixing and mastering your own audio can steal the joy from podcasting all together and discourages aspiring podcasters from chasing those dreams. 

Take the extra stress off your shoulders and set your creativity free again by leaving the complicated editing work to a team of industry leading professionals. You can put all of your energy back into the creative side of your podcast while we take care of the technical side. 

We can also offer you advice on how to best prepare for recording your podcast. There are ways to produce the best possible recorded audio, from acoustic panelling in your recording room to purchasing the best kinds of equipment to use, but still no recording is flawless. 

Fortunately, Twice Podcast has a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians that can maximise your podcast’s potential. No matter the quality of your original recording, we can make your podcast sound professional and enjoyable for your listeners. 

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We're all about getting you heard. We are experts at growing audience and listener numbers.
Podcast Editing Experts

Build For Success.

Our audio editing process is detail focused and rigorous. As industry leading experts, we know exactly what we’re looking for when we’re reviewing your audio. 

Every recording is unique and comes with its very own set of imperfections. Perhaps a guest was too close to the microphone, or builders were working outside your recording room. Maybe you have to record with children or pets who interrupt your speech. It could be that your audio was technically perfect, but the quality of your recording equipment is low and you would like it to sound clearer and smoother. 

Whatever your concern is, our talented team can solve it. By the time we’re done, your listeners will believe your podcast was recorded in a world class private recording studio. 

Gaps And Mistakes In Speech

We all slip up as we talk sometimes, it’s natural, especially when you’re feeling under pressure during a podcast recording. Our audio editing service offers to remove these mistakes from yours or your guests speech, leaving everyone sounding clear and confident. 

We listen out for fillers such as ums, ahs and ers. These are a natural part of normal speech, both on and off of a recording, but they don’t make for great listening. We will also remove stutters and stumbles you make as you talk and long unintended pauses, because we know it’s difficult to always be performing at full speed. 

Coughs and sneezes and the occasional unintentional swear word happen too, we’ll be sure to clean those up for you too. We can even reduce the frustrating sound of sibilance that gets picked up by your recording and any excessive breathing noises. 

We will also remove sudden interruptions like phones ringing, dogs barking and the odd interruption from your children. 

Background Noise

Not everyone has access to a professional recording studio, but without one, background noise could become a problem. Endless noise in the background is enough to totally ruin a great podcast. 

We will remove and soften all of the noise that doesn’t add to your show. This includes background hums and buzzes like fridges and air conditioning units. Our editing will lessen outside noises such as traffic and building tools, or even remove it completely.

High Quality Audio Every Single Time

Our Podcast Editing Process

We cover an extensive range of techniques used in harmony to perfect your audio. Our team of talented technicians utilise the full extent of their skills to bring the very best out in your podcast. 

Stitching And Content Editing

Typically, when recording a podcast, you record far more than you plan to use. In the natural course of conversation we head off on tangents a lot, only to realise it wasn’t relevant at all. We trim out any conversation you don’t feel is relevant to keep your podcast concise and interesting.

When we’re talking we tend to “waffle” a little too. We try to make great points, but instead our explanations make very little sense at all. Our team can cut this out too, and if it was an important point, you can give it a second chance on the next episode!

During our stitching process, we respect what you want to keep in and what you want to get rid of. In the end, this is your podcast and we want it to live up to your vision. We can offer our insight, but we won’t remove anything you would like to keep.


Like any type of audio, podcasts have various layers that make up its sound. Leaving these layers as they are would leave your podcast sounding confusing and sometimes irritating to your listeners. Our team will put their expertise into breaking down these layers to leave your podcast sounding smooth and pleasant to anyone who hears it.
,br> We will balance the volume of the voices recorded on your audio so that each one is the same, because we know there’s nothing quite as frustrating to a listener as continuously having to readjust your volume with each new voice.
,br> During the mixing phase we are able to isolate the background noise layers and reduce or remove them entirely.


When all of our work is done you are left with a podcast that has smooth audio that your listeners will love.

Your recording will be perfected using EQ and Compression methods so that every sound flows together, making for easy and enjoyable listening.

We will optimise your podcast audio recording to broadcast industry standards.As the world's leading podcast directory, Apple has set its own standards for podcasts and everyone followed. To give your podcast the best chance at competing, we set your audio at -16LKFS (LUFS).

With a great turn-around time, our team will have prepared a high quality MP3 for you.

Our audio editing process also includes:

Our audio editing process also includes:
De-SS, Anti-Hiss and Anti-Hum
Room Reverb Removal
Full ID3 Tagging

Interested In Our Podcast Audio Editing Services?

We're all about getting you heard. We are experts at growing audience and listener numbers.
Audio Quality Can Make Or Break A Podcast

Adding Extra Audio

Successful podcasters often use other types of audio to break up the show and help to make it flow better. These include jingles for segmented parts of your podcast, your own intro and outro music, pre-recorded adverts and messages from your sponsors. 

If you would like to include any variety of additional audio clips, we would be happy to stitch it into your full podcast audio for you. Our work ensures that these appear throughout your show in the correct places. We add the clips in so that they appear seamless, with no silences either side or overlapping of your voice. 

Our audio editing service could also be applied to these additional recordings, particularly adverts and messages that you have had to record yourself. We can smooth and perfect the audio in these clips just as we would for your podcast as a whole. 

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